SPMU Eyebrows

Are you bored of drawing on your eyebrows every day?

Most of Charmaine’s clients have over plucked their eyebrows over the years. Some people get up over 2 hours before they have to, to draw their eyebrows on. Imagine never having to do this again!

Do your eyebrows make you feel self conscious?

Hate the thought of your eyebrows rubbing off through the day, going swimming and smudging them or a gym session. Having permanent eyebrows would mean this would be a thing of the past.

Scared the permanent eyebrows will be too dark or the shape will go out of fashion, or that you might not like the shape?

Charmaine will never tattoo an eyebrow that would go out of fashion, her aim is to give you natural beautiful looking eyebrows that suit you. Whether you suffer with thin or sparse brows due to over plucking or fair hair, permanent make-up can help give you a realistic and natural looking brows, which lasts for years.

AT Beau Boutique, you can choose between the 3D hairstroke effect which mimics the natural hairs; ombré; a powder of colour which gives you the look of natural made up brows; or block brows, a more dramatic brow.

Start with a consultation…

We will start with a thorough consultation where we will discuss your desired look and see whether your brows need reshaping, filling in, lifting, thickening or defining.

It’s a good idea to bring any photos or magazine clippings of the look you would like to achieve. The semi permanent makeup treatment will commence with the creation of a template drawn onto the skin with a cosmetic pencil.

Once you are 100% happy with this template we will proceed to anaesthetise the skin. We will then allow the anaesthetic to take full effect whilst deciding on the perfect colour pigment to use in order to compliment your colourings.

To help with pain management we will regularly apply more anaesthetic throughout the treatment to allow you comfort. The treatment lasts between 1.5 – 2 hours and after the semi-permanent eyebrow treatment we will then give you full aftercare advice and arrange the date for you to come back for your top up 4-6 weeks later.

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Semi-Permanent Makeup by Charmaine Harding

3D Hairstroke Brows

£ 395

by Charmaine - Director

Combination Brows (Hair Strokes & Shading)

£ 395

by Charmaine - Director