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Restore Definition

Keep your SPMU looking fresh with an annual colour boost

To ensure that your new eyebrows, eyeliner or lips continue to look their best, we recommend that you have a colour boost treatment every 12 – 18 months in order to maintain your semi-permanent makeup.

Why do we recommend a colour boost?

Unlike a traditional tattoo which uses ink, the SPMU needles use pigment which doesn’t go as deep into the skin of the face. The reason for this is because the colour would simply blur and you would loose all definition.

For your initial procedure of SPMU, you’ll recall that two treatments were required four weeks apart in order for the pigment to take and to give you the perfect finished look.

However, for an SPMU colour boost, only a single treatment is needed in order to reinstate the freshness of your initial procedure and keep those brows, lips and liner looking on-point and as effortlessly elegant as they have been since your initial procedure.

Depending on how the pigment has settled into your skin, you will probably be ready for a semi-permanent makeup colour boost somewhere between every 12 to 18 months in order to maintain the colour and definition.

Colour Boost Prices

Colour Boost Prices

Colour Boost Within 6 Months

£ 90

Colour Boost Within 12 Months

£ 165

Colour Boost Within 18 Months

£ 185

Colour Boost Top-Up

£ 45

Only in certain cases if needed

Does your SPMU need a boost?

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